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Hazard Management (Legal Compliance)


Safe Work Australia has developed the WHS act for the purpose to provide the framework to ensure health, safety and wellbeing of workers, and others that may be negatively affected by the work activities conducted by a business or undertaking is protected. 


All businesses have a responsibility, so far as reasonably practicable, under the relevant OHS/WHS act to:

  • Eliminate or minimise hazards or risks that may negatively impact the health, safety or wellbeing of workers or others at the workplace.
  • Ensure fair and effective representation, consultation, and cooperation occurs with all workers or other relevant persons to address and/or resolve WHS issues
  • Encourage all parties to take an active and constructive role in improving the organisations health and safety practices.
  • Assisting businesses and workers to achieve a healthier and safer work environment
  • Promote and conduct Health and Safety related information, induction and training.
  • Provision of effective compliance and governance measures, to ensure continued effectiveness of the Health and Safety program at the workplace.
  • Delivery continuous improvements by implementing progressively higher standards regarding Health and Safety practices within the workplace.

This information is available on the Safe Work Australia website ( , together with additional information relating to the OHS/WHS responsibilities. Further information can also be sourced within the relevant OHS/WHS act for each state or territory.