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Who you employ can have an impact on various aspects of your business, from staff moral to operational efficiency, productivity and your company’s overall reputation.  One way that your business can minimise the commercial risk of a prospective employee, is to conduct an efficient and effective pre-employment screening process.


The pre-employment screening process offered through Drake Safety includes:

  •  National and International Police History Checks
  •  Ministry of Justice Checks (New Zealand Police Checks)
  •  Employment History Checks
  •  Qualification Checks - available for the following countries
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Asia Pacific (i.e. Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan  Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and China)
    • Pakistan, India
    • Africa and Middle East
    • Europe
    • UK and Ireland
    • USA and Canada
  •  Credit and Financial Checks
  •  License management (ensuring all licenses, qualification and tickets are remain current)   


For further information regarding the various verification processes and/or an obligation-free proposal, contact your local Drake office on 13 14 48.



  • All Police History checks are conducted using a secured link to the Federal Government’s CrimTrack database
  • Robust reporting for all police check paperwork and auditing expectations of CrimTrack.
  • Employment History verification includes dates of employment, positions held, promotion details, last salary, any bonuses paid, the name or previous line manager, reason for leaving and eligibility for re-hire.
  • Qualification verification includes the institute attended, dates of attendance, qualification(s) awarded and graduation date.
  • Credit and Financial checks include Credit checks, Bankruptcy checks, Civil Litigation checks and Financial Registry checks.
  • License management tool ensures all licenses, qualifications and/or other certifications/ticket relating to a work related requirement are current and up to date.



  • Same day Police History check verification (in most cases)
  • Employment verification checks verify CV details and are completed within 3-6 business days.
  • Qualification verification checks verify CV details and are completed within 3-6 business days.
  • Credit and Financial checks provide additional information during the recruitment for specific roles that require this level of verification.
  • License Management online tool is completely automated and complimentary when using other induction or verification services.