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WHS Management Systems (policies, procedures and documents)


The hardest part for any business needing to develop and implement a WHS management System; is knowing where to start. However all persons conducting a business or undertaking has a legal responsibility to implement an effective set of policies, procedures and supporting forms and documents, in order to demonstrate compliance to their legal responsibilities. This requirement of developing WHS policies, procedures and other related documentation from scratch are commonly seen as a labour intensive and complex task, that results in this development being overlooked or ignored, in favour of other operational tasks.   


A WHS management system package, offered by Drake Safety, is designed to help small to medium sized business develop the foundations for a robust system of WHS policies, procedures, forms and other documentation (i.e. Safe Work Method Statements) to assist with the effective management of WHS responsibilities within your company.


Drake Safety’s WHS Management System packages differ to other packages available in the market, by tailoring each package to the individual needs of each client, whereas some of the other packages available are generic in nature or generic to an industry. This however may prove to be inadequate or less effective compared to a specifically tailored package.


All packages provided by Drake Safety are constantly reviewed and updated, to provide our clients with the most current information and legislative considerations have been applied, to assist in achieving compliance to the relevant OHS/WHS act and regulations within each state. The ability for a company to be able to demonstrate compliance without the need to have dedicated resources, to complete and implement this requirement, can also assist the company to focus on the operational functions of your business or undertaking, whilst meeting compliance obligations in a cost effective way.


All packages can be fully tailored to meet the requirements of your business, through the easy-to-use and convenient online ordering process. A WHS Management System specialist, can assist you with the ordering process (if required) to ensure you have a package that will work for you and your business, for a price that is affordable. In the event that things change within your business, or you experience business growth, additional policies, procedures and documents can be ordered separately, to allow the WHS Management System to also grow with your business.


For further information regarding the WHS Management System packages and/or an obligation-free proposal, contact your local Drake office on 13 14 48.



  • Provides a series of policies, procedures, forms and documents tailored to your individual needs
  • Easy-to-use ordering process
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information
  • Straightforward and easy to implement and maintain
  • After sale service and support



  • Ability to demonstrate compliance to the legal requirements of the WHS act and regulations.
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Increased productivity and awareness of the company’s work health and safety expectations
  • Reduced injury and incident rates and/or severity
  • Provides a consistent approach to the management of Work Health and Safety practices throughout the entire company.
  • Demonstrates the company’s commitment to the health and safety or their employees.